Day of Silence, Day of Silliness

April 15, 2010

Once again the Holiday known as the “Day of Silence” is upon us here in Snoqualmie and other screwed up cities across America. For those of you lucky enough to have never heard of the “Day of Silence”, let me bring you a little closer to the edge of common sense.
“The National Day of Silence

Get off my street

March 22, 2010

I have come to the conclusion that people in Washington State have a rare illness known as “IwillparkwhereverIdamnwellplease” syndrome. They park on the street, the curb, the yard, between the lines, outside the lines, everywhere but the driveway.
Maybe the problem is we call the one place you should park the “Drive” way and the

Rest in Peace, Lance Corporal Eric Ward

March 17, 2010

Life and Death
We rush through one with purpose and determination only to reach the other far too soon.
I am saddened by the loss of Lance Corporal Eric Ward, and the only words that seem to fit are:
Thank you and God Bless.
The purpose and determination of Lance Corporal Eric Ward can be seen on the faces

Humpty Dumpty sat on the Viaduct

March 15, 2010

On July 19th, 1995 University of Washington engineering professors predict the viaduct would not survive a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. In Feb of 2001 the 6.8 Nisqually Quake leaves the viaduct cracked and leaning. In 2010 after countless studies, proposals and vote’s people are still driving down the highway of doom.
Is it going to

Taken at the pump

March 9, 2010

State government is getting more creative in its approach of taking money out of our wallets and purses. (“Manbag” if you prefer). Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown of Spokane latest idea sounds like an episode straight from the Soprano’s.
“Hey Tony, lets pass a law that raises the sales tax by 3-4% that should get

Yummm…Center Street

March 4, 2010

I feel like writing, but I just don’t have the energy yet to tackle the self-indulgent, ego pleasing, and yes possibly even desirable community center. What I do have the energy to do is eat, and I can eat well in Snoqualmie.
A drive down Center Street feels like a real town, with people and restaurants


Where, oh Where, is the ROA? (who's paying for it?)

March 1, 2010

In my last controlled rant I was peeved at elected officials for spending our money on a castle (City Hall) fit for our King and his court to preside. As it turns out this type of spending is catching on in the private sector.
Has anyone gone looking for the ROA lately? Guess what?
They have moved

The New Snoqualmie City Hall – A Worthy Monument?

February 26, 2010

What is it about being elected to office that fuels ones desire to irresponsibly spend money?  I am not talking about their money I am talking about our money, and the spending is all too often on fool hardy, and dare I even say selfish ways. This phenomenon is not just at the national level;