June 22, 2010

iPhone Location Privacy Going Away

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Apple updated its privacy policy yesterday with a new paragraph about location information. If you agree to the changes (which you must do in order to download anything via the iTunes store) you agree to let Apple collect, store and share "precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device":

Read more details with this article at consumerist.com.

How does this affect you?  You know those pop-up questions that say “iMobster wants to use your geographic information, do you agree to share it?”  Since you could be saying “no,” these apps usually have to be able to work and provide value to you without your geo information.  I almost always say “no,” except when it is an app where I specifically want to share my location (e.g. Foursquare).

Now, your choice is going away.  Random apps can collect information about where you go and use your iPhone, iPad or even your Mac.

Anybody remember the ads back in 1984 when Apple launch th Mac, where they positioned the competition as BIG BROTHER and positioned the Mac as the giving you back your privacy and control?  A bit of irony now …



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