March 16, 2011

Electronic Tolling on SR-520 Bridge

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520-bridgeIn the spring of 2011, electronic tolling will begin on the SR-520 Bridge to help fund the construction of a new bridge. Many people use the SR-520 Bridge for commuting and business travel.

Toll Collection and Rates

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will collect tolls when you are traveling in both directions across the SR-520 Bridge. Electronic tolling equipment will be installed on overhead gantries at the east high-rise of the SR-520 Bridge and will read your Good to Go! pass or scan your license plate as you travel at normal highway speeds.

You can pay the toll in one of three ways:

1. Set up a prepaid Good To Go! account and purchase a pass to mount in your vehicle.

2. Set up a prepaid Good To Go! account and register your vehicle license plate for photo identification. With this option you would be assessed a $0.25 surcharge per transaction.

3. Have a toll bill sent to the address where your vehicle is registered. With this option you would be assessed a $1.50 surcharge per transaction.

The minimum opening balance for all Good To Go! accounts is $30. How often you intend to drive across the SR-520 Bridge will influence which payment option you choose.

Your toll rate will vary according to the time of day, the day of the week, and how you pay. View the Good To Go! User Guide for an overview of SR-520 tolling. See proposed rates and full tolling details at

Tolling Policy for Microsoft Employees

For those of you that are Microsoft employees, here are some details on policy related to this. Employees are prohibited from seeking reimbursement for day-to-day commute expenses, to or from work. Likewise, managers are prohibited from approving such reimbursement. Microsoft will, however, reimburse toll charges for legitimate business travel. Please consult internal Microsoft Policy for more information and to learn what constitutes legitimate business travel.

Get Ready Now for Tolling on the SR-520 Bridge

· Receive E-Mail Updates: Sign up for e-mail updates at to receive information regarding rates, account options, special offers, and customer service resources.

· Purchase a Pass: Create a Good To Go! account and purchase a pass from WSDOT before tolling begins:

o Visit the Good To Go! website. This is the fastest and most convenient option.

o Stop by a participating Safeway store to buy a pass and then go online to create an account.

o Drop by a WSDOT walk-in or mobile customer service center.

o Purchase by phone at 1-866-936-8246.

If you activate a Good To Go! pass by April 15, 2011 you will receive $10 in free tolls for the SR-520 Bridge.


You can explore bus options by using the King County Metro Trip Planner.

For questions about tolling on the SR-520 Bridge, or to give feedback, please contact the Washington State Department of Transportation by calling 1-888-G2G-WSDOT (1-888-424-9736) or emailing

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