March 6, 2010

Microsoft Prime Restaurant Guide for Snoqualmie and Issaquah

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msprimeIf you are a Microsoftie as well as a Snoqqer, then I’m sure you have a Prime card in your wallet, purse or on the bottom of a junk drawer somewhere.  However, do you always use it when you could?  Do you even know which restaurants in the area accept it?

I eat at Cucina, Cucina in Issaquah a lot, but didn’t realize that it took the Prime card.  Even after I discovered that, I’ve probably eaten there a dozen times without remembering.  So, to help myself and share with all of you, I went through the restaurant search function on (not the cleanest site in the world for finding just what you want!) and extracted the restaurants in Snoqualmie and Issaquah that offer some sort of Prime benefit.

For example, did you know that Finaghty’s will take 20% off of your total bill – excluding alcohol, of course – if you present the Prime card?

Or, did you know you can get a complimentary entree with the purchase of an entree in the Attic Lounge or the dining room at the Salish Lodge?

Click on the download button to get a 1-page, printable listing of the Snoqualmie and Issaquah restaurants that take the Prime Card, what discount they offer and where they are located.


Not a Microsoft employee? No problem, you can get a Prime card of your own for as little as $130 from See for details.

Jeff Jones writes about a wide range of topics, but has a particular interest in computers, technology, science fiction, poker and chai tea lattes. He moved to Snoqualmie in 2006, he works for a little company in Redmond during the day and spends the rest of the time with family and friends.

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