March 22, 2010

Get off my street

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I have come to the conclusion that people in Washington State have a rare illness known as “IwillparkwhereverIdamnwellplease” syndrome. They park on the street, the curb, the yard, between the lines, outside the lines, everywhere but the driveway.

bad-parking Maybe the problem is we call the one place you should park the “Drive” way and the freaking geniuses we have here in the great state of Washington are confused by this and other shiny objects. To be honest and fair this may only be a problem in the city of Snoqualmie. To begin with our roads are not very wide, and people who park in the street never get very close to the curbs. (These are the same people that take multiple spots at the mall during Christmas) Why don’t you road hogs park in the driveway and get off the streets. (At least my street)

We also get those who feel it necessary to drive to my street and park just to catch the bus. I have an idea WALK….

Don’t clutter and clog it up for everyone else, just so you can lay claim to an eco-friendly existence.

The “king” of the city is also making the problem worse by building and proposing to build city attractions that have no provisions for parking except the streets. Where do you park at the new city hall, the street that’s where. The proposed and hopefully doomed YMCA backed community center has very little provisions for parking. The King and court claim they have made arrangements with the elementary school, but that seems unlikely given the laws of the state. (Can you say Perv parking)

How about just building some parking spaces you can call it a parking lot, or Snoqualmie car collection facility.

I actually think a better idea would be not to build a YMCA backed community center, and rename Driveways to Parkways to avoid confusion.

Wait that won’t work!

Just an old guy with a few things to say

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