March 1, 2010

Where, oh Where, is the ROA? (who's paying for it?)

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In my last controlled rant I was peeved at elected officials for spending our money on a castle (City Hall) fit for our King and his court to preside. As it turns out this type of spending is catching on in the private sector.

Has anyone gone looking for the ROA lately? Guess what?

They have moved to new and more expensive digs, and yes sadly again we will pay the bill. I don’t remember the ROA asking me if this is something I would like to help pay for, but then again I don’t think they are in the habit of asking for anything. They have our checkbook. Does anyone understand how they set fees, what benefit we get for those fees and under what circumstances the ROA fees can be raised? If so, you should definitely share.

To be fair, I think they had to move because of the Church on the Ridge expansion. This was probably all of the excuse they needed to seek out what might arguably be the most expensive new home they could find. I am sure good arguments can be made why they are now located on Center street, and it would have been refreshing had they actually done that.

I probably just worry too much!

The ROA has saved plenty of our money to make such moves because I, for one, realize very little (i.e. none) value from my homeowner dues. Sure they mow my medians – wait no they stop mowing before they reach my house. Only a few streets get that treatment – I wonder if they pay more?

How can I forget all of the events they put on in the park for families with small children? Not having small children we sadly missed watching movies in the cold and rain … but it is just as well since I did hear about a few awkward moments during the showing of Animal House to some very interested yet confused toddlers.

Again I should be fair; I do on occasion get little notes indicating that there are weeds under my mail box. I am not sure why I only get that note and not the other six mail boxes owners who have violated this sacred land. I think I must be special or at least have an earmark on my folder.

Seriously, though, none of us can afford to covet what others have and live beyond our means. In these economic times, we all need to be fiscally responsible for our families and, though I may be a dreamer, I’d love to see our community organizations and local government be fiscally responsible too.

Organizations like the ROA should be setting the example for the rest of us since they represent the interests of all of us. I’d like to say more, but I need to get started pulling those weeds.

Just an old guy with a few things to say

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