March 9, 2010

Taken at the pump

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State government is getting more creative in its approach of taking money out of our wallets and purses. (“Manbag” if you prefer). Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown of Spokane latest idea sounds like an episode straight from the Soprano’s.Goverment

“Hey Tony, lets pass a law that raises the sales tax by 3-4% that should get people pretty angry. Great thinking Lisa, once they are angry we can get them to vote it out in favor of what we really want. Yeah a state income tax on people making over $200k. Then after a couple of years we will lower it from $200k to $75k and up the percentage of sales tax. The best part is it’s all legal, as long as you can forget the constitution.”

What is wrong with our state?

Hopefully, this will never come to a vote on the senate floor. (But then again this is Washington)

Sadly again this type of behavior has spread to the public sector. More often than not we are being asked / forced to pay for services and products we do not need or want.

I got a bit miffed the other day when I saw a jump in the gas prices of .06 cents per gallon. I asked why the big jump, and the reason given. In my best “Bellevue Righteous” accent:

“We have switched to the more expensive summer blend for better automotive efficiency”.

Granted it has been a gentle winter by all accounts but Summer??? (not even close).

I am not ordering a fine wine at the pump I am putting regular gas into my 1996 Hyundai Accent, do you think it cares or is going to be more efficient with a Summer blend? Why don’t they just tell us that they want to charge more for gas during the travel season? I have heard that Honesty is the best policy, and people should be told the real reasons they are being made to pay more.

What is wrong with telling the truth?

Living in Snoqualmie I should be acclimated to people asking me for money without being told the whole story. I wish someone would tell us why the unneeded City Hall was way over budget? What are the real costs and reasons to have a YMCA backed Community Center?

As a city we should be open and honest about all city projects and expenditures. The city should be buying “Regular” gas with our money and not paying for the “Summer” blend.

What is wrong with our City? (I think we all know, we even know his name)

Just an old guy with a few things to say

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