February 26, 2010

The New Snoqualmie City Hall – A Worthy Monument?

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What is it about being elected to office that fuels ones desire to irresponsibly spend money?  I am not talking about their money I am talking about our money, and the spending is all too often on fool hardy, and dare I even say selfish ways. This phenomenon is not just at the national level; it is something that occurs to all levels of elected officials. We in Snoqualmie are not immune to this and in many ways have become the poster child for over spending and self-indulgence.


In my humble opinion city government should do it’s best to be in harmony with its citizens and surroundings. It should be a steward for the city’s money and resources, spending only towards providing a safe and sound home for its citizens. Government and its officials should strive to be transparent and not become larger than life.

It is not hard to see that our city officials have spent our money on a gleaming monument of fiscal irresponsibility when it built the new City Hall. Take a drive downtown to 38624 SE River St. and see if you can spot Waldo, it will be the building that stands out like a sore thumb in what used to be a charming small town setting.

Some say it was necessary to bring all of the city officials together for efficiency.  I have not seen any such efficiencies gained, so it must be cheaper to have the one new building instead of having two old ones. Well, given initial cost and the delays in construction and the associated cost overruns, I just don’t get a good feeling that that is the case.

I’ve got it! We needed a building worthy to hold our leadership.

They surely deserve better than the old City Hall, and they certainly should not have to hold council meetings at the fire department – for goodness sakes!

Snoqualmie Mayor and City Council – you should realize you were elected to serve the people, not to rule the people.  We don’t need any more pyramids – one is enough.  Actually one is too many.

More info: City of Snoqualmie New Release

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