March 4, 2010

Yummm…Center Street

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I feel like writing, but I just don’t have the energy yet to tackle the self-indulgent, ego pleasing, and yes possibly even desirable community center. What I do have the energy to do is eat, and I can eat well in Snoqualmie.

A drive down Center Street feels like a real town, with people and restaurants and the odd skateboarder that cannot read the signs to stay off the damn sidewalk. I love to eat out and the choices we have today have never been better. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Irish (Well ok Irish is really just for the beer) and if you are really in a hurry you can get a mean fried chicken at the Gas Station.

After “Sampling” which sounds so much more dietetic for me than feasting, I have come to a few scientific culinary conclusions.

1. If you cannot pronounce the name of the food on the menu it is guaranteed to taste fantastic and take days off your life, which I freely give to the folks at Brunello’s

2. Wine makes everything taste better (More things I cannot pronounce)

3. Beer makes everything taste better (Hoegaarden from Finaghtys)

4. Margaritas make everything taste better (Straight from Anna’s bar to your lips)

5. I had water once but it did nothing for me

beer Hmmm, seems that I have been talking about drinking more than eating, well they do go hand in hand and you do order drinks first before the meal. Here are my food favs in no particular order and you can figure out who serves what. It will be like a contest that no one judges and no prizes are awarded.

Chili Cheese dog with mustard, onions, jalapeños. Fish and Chips (Or as we like to call them in Texas, French Fries). Carne Asada with chips and hot sauce, Pad Thai 4 stars, and Veal (Yes, I eat young cows, but only the willing ones)

And when you get done with all of that “Sampling” you can go workout at the Snoqualmie Ridge Health Club, and not at the King’s folly that is a YMCA backed Community Center.

Check please!

Just an old guy with a few things to say

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