April 2, 2010

Stories of the Day – Apr 2, 2010

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Out of Utah … Slap Happy

No name or age was given so we will call him Little Jimmy. Little Jimmy went into a convenient store with a knife to rob them of all their beer, cigarettes, and lottery cash!!! And here comes the reason I call him little Jimmy, because he can’t be very big at all…because the convenient store king reached across the counter and slapped Jim to the floor. He then got on top of him and restrained him. It was them that Little Jimmy began begging … not for his life, but that the clerk would not tell his mommy. He held the boy until officers of justice arrived on the scene.

Out of Texas … Open Mouth, Insert Huge Foot

Keith Oberman thought he found the perfect … perfect TV blooper to poke fun of on his show. It was a clip of a Houston TV anchor Melanie Lawson literally falling out of her chair and onto the floor! He yucked it up titling the clip “Anchors Away”, but a couple of days later he found out why she fell out of her seat. The lovely Ms. Lawson suffers from M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and uses a cane. He later begged forgiveness of all who heard him make a jackass of himself.

Out of Pennsylvania …. Just hanging out!

hospitalgown 20 year-old Elbert Lewis Thompson was being not so closely guarded at the Allegheny General Hospital. Elbert was incarcerated but said that he had a horrible belly ache and was taken to the hospital. Well go figure … it was a con. He was not sick but he was slick, because he escaped. Well while he may be slick he is pretty stupid because he was caught in a local bar. He was caught because it was hard to miss him standing there drinking a beer in a hospital gown and his butt hanging out.

Tony Russell is a co-host on 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle, WA's Fitz in The Morning! He is also a counselor and teaching pastor at www.ChurchOnTheRidge.org and of course, a frequent contributor on www.snoqqer.com. He and his family are part of the Snoqualmie Ridge community.

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