February 2, 2010

Stories of the Day - Feb 2, 2010


Out of California … Shot to The Heart, but He’s okay

An un-named hunter in Merced County took his yellow lab out on a hunting trip last week. Well they were actually just hunting for duck decoys they had placed in the water to trick the feathery bread crumb lovers. And it was all going well until the great white hunter bent over to get one of the plastic quackers. He bent so far over that the plumbers crack was shinning bright . Then he heard it … he heard click click. His yellow lab had stepped on his shotgun and before he could say, “holy crap!” his best friend shot him right in the rumpus. Fortunately it must have not been a direct hit because he is all good.

Out of Sweden … Catch & Release

Coppers in Stockholm have arrested a man for something you have never ever heard of … he caught and released mice. Why did he get arrested? Because he caught all of these mice alive, put them in a box and took them to his ex-wife’s home. Then he released all of them … several of them right through the mail slot. Apparently his 37-year-old wife has what is called musophobia meaning she is terrified of the little beady-eyed buck-toothed varmints. So when she woke up at 7:30 in the morning to find them running all over her house she nearly had a stroke. No word yet on what her exes punishment will be.

Out of Indonesia … Blown Away

31 year-old Andi Susanto loves to ride his motorcycle while puffing on a cig. And that is why he had to be rushed to the hospital last week! No one knows how it happened…it was probably a practical joke gone way bad, but as Andi was stopped at a traffic light he reached into his black leather jacket of coolness and grabbed a cancer stick. He then put it in his mouth and flicked his Bick. At which point the cigarette exploded! Andi told officers that he had been planning on quitting and now would be a good time … especially since he lost six of his front teeth and couldn’t hold it in his mouth anyway.

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