February 24, 2010

Stories of the Day – Feb 24, 2010

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Out of California … Double Trouble

Authorities didn’t release a name, but a man in Irvine is missing a right hand due to being hit by a commuter train two weeks ago. He fell from a platform onto the tracks, got drug for about 87 feet, and then ssssswipe! But that isn’t the crazy part of the story … the whack a doodle doo part is the fact that yesterday he got hit by another train. Yep he got hit twice by a train in two weeks. This time he kept all his body parts and does not have life threatening injuries, but … but he will be checked to see if maybe just maybe he may have a small mental health issue (a.k.a. they are checking to see if he is a Looney Tune).

Out of Louisiana … Getting The Bird

52 year-old Donna Green well made the deal of a lifetime with Paul James Romero and his wife Brandy. Seriously, this is a bargain of Walmart proportions. She gave them a two for one deal. She sold them two…two kids for one bird.

Told you it was a great deal. She gave them her two young children and in exchange they gave her a bird and $175 bucks. But before you judge Donna too harshly … you should know it was an exotic bird.

Out of Florida … From Cell to Cell

Two Palm Coast teens were breaking into a car and made a huge mistake … they accidently called 911. So as the 13 & 19 year-old car thieves rummage through the car talking about what they should or not steal … the coppers were listening!  The two argued over whether or not they should take a GPS and the older more experienced criminal warned, and I paraphrase, but she warned that God works in mysterious ways and they should be careful not to get greedy. Sure, because God always honors the car thief who is not greedy. It wasn’t long until cops rolled up onto the scene and arrested the butt dialing duo.

Tony Russell is a co-host on 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle, WA's Fitz in The Morning! He is also a counselor and teaching pastor at www.ChurchOnTheRidge.org and of course, a frequent contributor on www.snoqqer.com. He and his family are part of the Snoqualmie Ridge community.

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