February 23, 2010

Stories of The Day – Feb 23, 2010

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Out of Ohio … Dozing Off

Like many people, Terry Hoskins was in trouble with the bank.  His jumbo loan had become too jumbo for his shrinking income to handle.  So the bank was going to come and take the home from Terry and leave him deeper in despair. Yes, Terry was heading for foreclosure, but he told the bank…he warned the bank that he would tear it down before he would let them take it. And he wasn’t lying! We know that because last week, right before the bank was going to drop the hammer of financial doom…Terry rented a bulldozer and leveled the playing field. He literally tore the home down and buried it all underneath of the snow.

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Out of Germany … Getting Barred

33 year old Daniel Eberhardt is now in jail for get this, for breaking INTO jail. He was breaking into the jail nightly for some unapproved visits with his girlfriend. Yes, night after night he would find his way into the play pin of romance, but finally the other prisoners had…had enough. They complained to the warden that they couldn’t sleep due to the nightly loud cage matches of love. And they said it was not only leaving them tired…but highly highly frustrated!

Out of New York … Buckling Down

According to Sherriff Tim Bo Howard of the Erie Police Dept, they arrested a criminal that was literally spinning out of control. He didn’t give us a name so we will call him Jimmy. Jimmy was arrested after attending a party where he did about $3,000 damage to the home. Now here comes the “What are you kidding me part”..all the damage was done to the hardwood floors. And the damage was done because Little Jimmy was break dancing while wearing his awesome diamond belt buckle! You got it…Jimmy was gyrating, grinding, and spinning on that wood floor like a mad man. And with every spin of greatness that belt buckle was scratching and scuffing the floor.  The break dancing will lead to felony criminal mischief charges and misdemeanor trespassing charges, because the owner of the home’s daughter was throwing the party without their permission. 

Tony Russell is a co-host on 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle, WA's Fitz in The Morning! He is also a counselor and teaching pastor at www.ChurchOnTheRidge.org and of course, a frequent contributor on www.snoqqer.com. He and his family are part of the Snoqualmie Ridge community.

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