March 12, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 12, 2010

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Out of India … The house, the house, the house is on fire

An organization in Higashi was having some financial difficulties so one of it’s leaders did the unthinkable … he burned the place to the ground. I should say the high priest burned the monastery down. Yes, the head monk…one Priest Nishihara, burned it to the ground and has since stepped down from leading the bald mediators of peace.

Out of Florida … Breaking Water

Johnny Dossey got a huge … huge water bill.  Well in his opinion it was a very large water bill and he called the city to complain.  He said that there is no way his sweet double wide could use up that much water, but they said he did and demanded payment.  He said no way … he wasn’t going to pay and to teach them a lesson … he doused his double wide wonderland with gasoline and blew it up.  That’ll teach them!

Out of Florida … OTT not do that

Denton was taking his normal morning stroll in Sarasota this week.  Yep, nothing unusual happened at all … well, except for the fact he was attacked by a rabid otter!!!!  Can you imagine???  An otter comes up out of the swamp and jumped him like a dead battery and began chomping on him like a raw fish.  Poor Denton was becoming dinner until two good Samaritans jumped in and tried to help.  For almost 10 minutes they did battle with the out of control otter!  Finally a deputy arrived and shot … shot and killed Ollie the Otter.  And Denton, 96-year-old Denton, is doing fine.

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