March 17, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 17, 2010

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Out of Iowa … What a Potty Mouth

Nitasha Johnson of Iowa City got into a little, wait, a big fight with her little sis. Apparently it started out over someone trying to steal someone’s man and before long fists were flying and hair was being pulled. It escalated to the point that Johnny Law was called in and they arrived just in time … just in time to see Naughty Nitasha rip the lid off the toilet and begin beating her sister with it. Oh yeah, she went psycho with the seat of relief! She started at the feet and beat sis up and down until cops put a stop to it. She is in jail and I will get a pic up soon because she has a smile that lets the whole world know it was all worth it!


Out of Minnesota … Getting an Ear Full

A 30 year old woman in St. Paul got absolutely tanked; smashed … I’m saying she got drunk. And like any intoxicated person she got a bad case of the munchies at about 4 a.m. on her way home from the pub. So she stopped in to a greasy spoon and when she walked in the door three men sitting at a table decided to get smart … in fact, one made a downright rude comment. So our drunk lovely lady walked over, licked his ear and then bit part of it off. That within itself is pretty incredible, but the fact she was one of the local middle school teachers makes it priceless.

Out of Massachusetts … Clipped

Dr. Clair has always been a respected dentist in Fall River until … until last week. That is when he got busted for writing prescription to his staffers in return that they give him some of the medication. Sure, he prescribed the hoppers and poppers and they gave ‘em to him for some cashola.  But that isn’t the worst part … it was also discovered that he was using paper clips … yes paper clips as the post in root canals. He would of course charge Medicare the full price for the high cost posts.

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