March 19, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 19, 2010

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Out of Michigan … It’s was his party and he can cry if he wants too

No name was given so we will just call him Johnny. Johnny is 3 years old and his family threw him a big time party at a place called Caesarland. Everything went great … it was the party of all parties. But all that starts well doesn’t always end well. At around 9:00 Caesarland staff found little Johnny wondering around by himself. Now here is the problem … they found Johnny standing in the middle of the wack-a-mole section at 9:00 and the party ended at 7:30. Apparently mom and dad picked up the bill and grabbed all the gifts but they forgot the birthday boy!

Out of Jersey … What a Whiz

Jersey City just nabbed a horrible horrible criminal!! His real name is Nitinkumar Patel and and he is 27 years old, but he has been nicknamed the whizinator and here is why…because he has been running around town peeing on people at the bus stops. Seriously, at last count he had watered down the leg of about 70 people.

Out of The UK … Not Much of A Force

Chris Jarvis was asked to leave a recent job fair so now he is suing. He says it was blatant discrimination because he was asked to leave because of what he was wearing. What was he wearing? A full out Star Wars Stormtrooper uniform…helmet and all. Coo Coo Chris said he couldn’t remove the helmet or it would be a sin against his church … the Church of Jedism.

Not sure if it is this one, but I found

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