March 22, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 22, 2010

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Out of Texas … Getting Bagged

The Dallas CityStore is a very cool place … they sale furniture, bikes, electronics, and all kinds of cool stuff that coppers have confiscated from the crooksters.  Well the manager knew he had a new and very hot item when he opened a huge box from the Dallas PD. It was a box full of the happy salad! Yes indeed, they received a shipment of the weed of wackiness from the PoPo. Obviously, it turned out to be an accident, but you have to wonder who … who was supposed to receive the 123 bags of giggle grass.

Out of Illinois … What a Dog!

The emergency room at the San Juan Regional Medical Center was very busy…there were kids with broken arms, adults with the flu, and…and…well, a dog. Right, everyone was amazed when the automatic doors to the hospital opened up and in walked a big dog with blood on his nose and paw and he appeared to have a gun shot wound on his rear leg. The staff quickly grabbed him and comforted him until a vet arrived to save the day.

Out of Colorado … The G-String Gardener

52 year old Catharine Pierce loves gardening … oh yes, she enjoys pulling the weeds, planting the flowers, and trimming the shrugs, but her neighbors hate it … they have even complained to authorities. They are very upset about all of Cathy’s attention to her flowers and trees … well, it isn’t that they don’t like her gardening. It is the fact that she does so while only wearing pasties, a yellow thong, and hot pink gloves! This isn’t the first time Cathy and … and her husband have had to fight for their right to let it all hang out. A few years back complaints rolled in because they both loved to take walks wearing only their thong undies.

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