March 23, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 23, 2010

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Out of Florida … Going The Wrong Way

Sylvester Jiles of Cocoa Beach was recently convicted for trespassing, breaking and entering, and resisting arrest. Now why is that a What are You Kidding Me Story? Because he was breaking INTO the county jail. He wanted in so badly that he cut himself up attempting to go over a 12 foot barbed wire fence. Strange thing is, since he was convicted he will get to go exactly where he wanted to go…to jail…for 15 years.

Out of Colorado … What a Trooper

David Nolan was arrested by Douglas County Deputies around 7 in the morning…remember that now…it was 7 in the morning. David was arrested for drunk driving, carrying a gun, and wearing a uniform, and oh yeah, for driving his…his police car. Yes, Davey the Drunk is or WAS Colorado State Trooper.

Out of New Jersey … Stop Being a Pest

Here is a quickie, Isaiah Vidal Maceda decided to spray for pest in his first floor apartment. However, he did read the warning label that said it was flammable. So after spraying and spraying he got tired and needed a smoke. So as he continued to spray he fired up a cancer stick and…and blew the entire front wall out of his apartment.

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