March 31, 2010

Stories of the Day – Mar 31, 2010

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Out of Ohio … Out of the pot and into the fire

womens-prison Garfield Heights coppers were in hot pursuit…I’m saying HOT PURSUIT of a bad guy. They were weaving in and out of traffic and reaching almost 100 mph. Finally the bad guy stopped, but then he made a run for it on foot. And he was faster than lightening as he got a good 50 yard lead on officers and climbed…completely climbed over a very high fence. And it was then…then the cops stopped chasing him and burst out laughing. Why? Because he had just climbed the fence that surrounds the state penitentiary! On the plus side for Mr. Crooked, it was the women’s prison.

Out of Florida … Filling up The Bucket

Patricia Edwards is 51 years old and recently walked into a Bank of America and handed her the famous note…the one that says hand me all your loot! Patty then left and because she wasn’t wearing a disguise at all, she was caught fairly soon. She then told cops she had a great excuse…she said that due to having leukemia and being bipolar she didn’t have long to live. She said robbing a bank was one of the things on her bucket list. Thankfully they caught her because next on the list was killing her ex-husband.

Out of The UK …Say what?

Douglas Wakefield is 61 years old and serving a life sentence for strangling someone too death. For the record, Dougie may actually prefer to be called Debbie sense he recently had a sex change operation. And although he/she is serving a life sentence…he is being given permission to marry Thelma who now goes by Tai. Tai is a lesbian who is serving time for murder. Which leads to the question…if Doug has changed to Debbie and marries Thelma who now goes by Tai…is he a gay or straight man? Maybe the headline in the local paper answers that question…it read, “Sex-change killer to wed lesbian murderess”.

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