March 3, 2010

Stories of The Day – March 3, 2010

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Out of Pennsylvania … Pants on The Ground

A 57 year old man in Philadelphia got into a huge argument with his lady friend last week and he ended up in jail. Oh coppers didn’t arrest him because of his screaming and cursing and calling his honey bunny horrible names that started with B or W…they arrested him for indecent exposure.

Why? Because he was screaming and yelling and cursing her while sitting on the hood of her car as she drove down the road. I should say, he sat on her hood in nothing but his underwear…his whitie tighties screaming and yelling while she drove down the road in a snow storm!

Out of California … Wearing the Bullet Proof Chest

No name is given but there is a lady in Beverly Hills that has her lovely lady lumps to thank for saving her life! A gunman walked into her office building a few weeks back and opened fire killing one and shooting her twice…I said twice in the chest at fairly close range. However, her double Ds kept her out of double trouble acting as a bullet proof vest.

Out of Arizona … Stunned

26 Year old Seth Castillo was on his way home from Mickey Dees last week…he had been out ripping the knob off of about 10 cold ones and had a bad case of the Mickey Munchies. So he was walking across the street munching on the golden fries and then decided he would take a nap…a nap right there in the middle of the road. Well cops didn’t like that much so they came to arrest him…Seth unfortunately resisted arrest…got nasty and got tazed. However, it wasn’t the first time he had been tazed…nope he got it once at the police academy. Seth is…or was until that night…an Arizona police officer.

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