March 4, 2010

Stories of The Day – March 4, 2010

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Out of England … Old News

Ted Ingram is likely to be the best paper boy in the world. He has the power and precision of a major league pitcher. Seriously, just tell him where to hit the door…top corner, middle, or right on the door bell and he will nail it every time. But that isn’t the most impressive thing about Teddy the news paper boy. The most impressive accomplishment is that he has been tossing the bundles of news for 68 years! Yes, at the age of 90 years old, Teddy isn’t only the most reliable newspaper peddler…he is the oldest.

Out of Washington … Hot Dog!

According to Gray’s Harbor Sheriff Deputy one Dave “the pistol” Pimentel…there was an auto accident involving Roy Messenger. Roy collided with something, but he was fine. Well he was fine until he had to go relieve himself. After the adrenaline rush of the crash, Roy had to whiz so he walked to a nearby ditch and unleashed his liquid of fear. Unfortunately for Roy, and I don’t want to make fun due to his family, but unfortunately for Roy he urinated on a downed power line. When the liquid of doom hit the wire, the electricity traveled up to the source and Roy went to be with Jesus.

Out of Pennsylvania … No Bull

Ricky Weinhold loved…absolutely loved his bull…Bullwinkle is huge weighing in a 1 ton. And he has always been temperamental. Just last year he rammed Ricky and broke several ribs. At that point most owners would have turned him into hamburger. But Ricky loved him so. And so…Ricky is no longer with us because Bullwinkle attacked not so tricky Ricky. He tossed him like a rag doll. Word is there will be quite the dinner at the funeral.

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